Mile Markers make a huge difference here at RV Miles. Your support allows us to hire staff, increase our quality content and keep you, the RV enthusiast, our top priority.

Select your level below, and enjoy the fun perks we’ve put together as our way of saying “thanks”. We look forward to getting to know all of you and creating a space where we can come together to share the joys and frustrations of RV life. 

We have removed the old Mile Marker Subscriptions from YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, it’s now all right here on the RV Miles Website hosted through Memberful.

Mile Marker Plans:

Mile Marker

$4.00 USD / monthly

Join the Mile Marker Community at this tier and receive

  • Access to the Private Mile Marker Facebook Group.
  • Access to an exclusive monthly livestream where we answer your questions.
  • 1st pick at tickets for all upcoming RV Miles events.
  • 10% off in the RV Miles Merchandise Store. 

Mile Marker PLUS Monthly

$7.00 USD / monthly

Join at this tier and you’ll receive everything in the base tier PLUS:

  • Weekly Detour Podcast – this bonus episode will dive into a topic from the week’s RV Miles Podcast (or, most likely, something else swirling around in Jason’s brain.)
  • Monthly “U-Turn” Podcast  – Mile Markers will help us pick which early episode of the RV Miles Podcast we revisit for you. There will be a lot of laughs and plenty of cringe-worthy moments.
  • 1-year digital subscription to RV Today and Rootless Living Magazines, or $10 off print subscriptions.

Mile Marker PLUS Annual

$70.00 USD / yearly

Join for a full year of Mile Marker Plus and get:

  • 2 months free!
  • LIFETIME digital subscription to both RV Today AND Rootless Living magazines.
  • 20% off RV Miles Merchandise.

Thoughts from Jason and Abby:

As we look to the future of RV Miles, we realize there are plenty of gaps left to be filled, stories untold, podcasts left undeveloped, and so much more. But we also realize we can’t fill those gaps alone. We need to hire staff. We need to have a team that can help us keep up with the constantly shifting news and trends so we can bring you the information you’ve come to rely on.

But how? How do we grow without compromising our independence as a small business? That’s where you come in.

After years of resisting any kind of membership option, we have finally listened to you, our loyal RV Miles community, and opened up a subscription option for those who would like to provide financial support.

The decision wasn’t an easy one for us, we’ve never been very good at asking for help. However, we have come to realize that RV Miles is bigger than just Jason and Abby and if we want to ensure this brand is here long after we are gone, we have to grow and we have to do it right.

As we look to the future we look towards building something at RV Miles that you trust. Something you can count on to help live your best RV life and make informed decisions. Mile Markers will ensure all those things can be accomplished and so much more.


Jason and Abby

Mile Marker
Enjoying a glass of wine over the Blue Ridge Mountains at a Harvest Hosts location in North Carolina