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Featuring a website, a Facebook group, a popular YouTube channel, and one of the highest-rated weekly RV and travel podcasts, RV Miles is the destination for RV and camping news, reviews, travel guides, and more.

On the website, you can explore sections on the RV industry, along with travel news National Park news, RV owner basics, cooking, gear reviews, and more.

Every week editors Abby and Jason share their adventures on the RV Miles Podcast as they travel the country full-time to discover great destinations. On the way, they discuss RV tips and tricks, gear, welcome industry guests and share the latest RV industry news. RV Miles is available on all podcast platforms. RV Miles holds a five-star rating on Apple Podcasts.

The America's National Parks Podcast

The America’s National Parks Podcast explore the stories behind the 400+ U.S. National Parks, historic sites, monuments and more operated by the National Park Service.

This weekly podcast is produced and hosted by editors Jason and Abby and consistantly ranks as one of the top 20 podcasts in Places and Travel on Apple Podcasts. The America’s National Parks Facebook group has over 40,000+ members.

Available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Overcast, Podbean and dozens more podcast services.

See America Podcast

The See America Podcast is one epic road trip. Each week we take you to new destinations across the U.S., highlighting the amazing adventures waiting to be discovered.

The newest edition to the RV Miles Network of Podcasts, See America launched in the fall of 2019, and is hosted and produced by RV Miles editors Jason and Abby.

Available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Overcast, Podbean and dozens more podcast services.

Our Wandering Family

RV Miles Editors Jason and Abby Epperson have been traveling full-time for almost five three years with their three boys.

After several years in a converted school bus they loving called Wander Bus, Jason, Abby, and kids now travel in a Hearltnad QB300 travel trailer. They are National Park enthusiasts and love to camp in as many state and federal campgrounds as possible, but also enjoy the amenities a private campground can bring.

Part of the RV Miles Network, Our Wandering Family is a social media journal of what it means to be a full-time RV family, and through posts and photos Jason and Abby share their personal story along with gear reviews, tips, and advice for families aspiring to travel more.

The RV Miles Network reaches over tens of thousands of followers on social media and podcasts.

RV Miles Social Media (Updated 12/1/2021)

YouTube - 61,000
Instagram - 14.600
Facebook- 22,700
TikTok - 7,000

Facebook Groups (Updated 12/1/2021)

RV Miles – 11,000
America's National Parks – 94,000+
See America – 6,000+

Average Monthly Podcast Downloads (Updated 3/1/2021)

RV Miles – 89,000+
America's National Parks Podcast – 91,000+
See America - 57,000+

Partner with RV Miles

We offer a variety of ways for brands to connect with our readers and loyal followers:

Submit a press release

We write the news of the RV, outdoor recreation, and travel industries. Want your company to be featured on the RV Miles website or podcast? Send us a press release.

Email press releases to Jason Epperson at

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We love reviewing your RV and outdoor recreation related products. We’re also always looking for products to give away to podcast listeners!

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Available for Expert Appearances and Guest Articles

Abigail Trabue

Expertise: Destinations, Social Media, Family & Budget Travel, National and State Park Camping, Roadschooling/Unschooling, Family Focused Camping

RV Miles Editors and podcast co-hosts  Abby and Jason Epperson are available to appear as guests on your news program, radio show, podcast, or live event.

On the road for almost six years, the duo have a wealth of experience writing articles and creating content for your outlet or brand.

They travel full-time with their three boys, first in an RV they built themselves from a 2002 Thomas school bus, then in a travel trailer, and currently as brand ambassadors for the Sabre 37FLL fifth wheel.

Email to discuss appearances and guest articles.


Jason Epperson

Expertise: Vehicles, Gear, DIY Conversions, National & State Park Camping, Photography, Graphic Design, and Industry Trends

Be a Guest on the Podcast

We love having guests on the RV Miles podcast that are of interest to our audience of RV and travel enthusiasts. Interviews are about 20-30 mins from start to finish and can be conducted from anywhere in the world. Contact to schedule and interview for a future episode.

Write a guest article or column

Are you a writer who has knowledge to share? Want to help establish your brand’s expertise in the industry? Write a guest article or even a whole column for the RV Miles website. We do not charge for guest articles, but adhere to strict guidelines to make sure our readers are receiving valuable content and are advertised to in an ethical and up-front way.

We provide professional editing and promote your product, website, or social media. Email Jason Epperson at to discuss ideas.

Advertise with us

Advertise your brand to our RV and travel community. Available advertising opportunities include on-air podcast reads on our popular RV Miles podcast, full sponsorship opportunities with America’s National Parks and See America, advertising on the RV Miles YouTube channel, social media posts, plus banner ads on the RV Miles website.

For more details, including pricing, email Abigail at to get started!

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