A voluntary recall has been issued for FRONTIERSMAN, FRONTIERSMAN XTRA, SABRE WILD, and SABRE WILD MAX bear spray canisters sold by Sabre in the U.S. and Canada. The canisters may not spray during operation.

The affected canisters contain BOTH A YELLOW NOZZLE AND ONE OF THE FOLLOWING EXPIRATION DATES – 02/2024, 03/2024, 04/2024, 05/2024, 06/2024 in the US and 3/2024, 4/2024*, 8/2024, 9/2024, 10/2024, 11/2024, 12/2024 in Canada.

If your canister meets both these criteria, Sabre is asking you to test fire your bear spray. This must be done outdoors away from people and pets. A video and instructions demonstrating the correct procedure for testing your bear spray can be found below.

More information and instructions for testing affected canisters can be found on Sabre’s website here.

The affected products were sold from February 2021 to June 2021. Sabre’s bear sprays are among the most popular. Approximately 130,000 affected units were sold in Canada. No information was available for the number of units sold in the U.S.