Today we are talking the expected and unexpected costs of purchasing and owning your own RV. A wonderful and potentially economical way to travel, RV ownership is all about the budget and knowing what you’re getting into before you step onto a lot or into an RV show.

We also discuss tips for surviving family travel days, including that one tip we all do, but no one wants to talk about. Plus, there’s plenty of RV Miles news this week, including the exciting upcoming launch of a new podcast, a website update and more. Plus, Jason and Abby have the winner of last week’s brain teaser and a new one to keep you guessing all weekend.




The RV Miles homepage has gone through a big update so you can find the news you want fast. View it here:

The new 2018 30mpg diesel F-150 has been announced, the first full-size truck to hit that efficiency milestone, and we have all the details here:

The Cost of RV Ownership

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Family Travel Day Survival

Here’s Abby’s article detailing the 7 tips we discuss on the show:

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We love the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast:

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