Cooper Tire has launched the new Discoverer Rugged Trek tire, an all-season pickup truck and SUV highway-friendly off-road tire to compete with Nitto® Ridge Grapplers, Goodyear Wrangler DuraTracs and Toyo Open Country R/Ts.

The Discoverer Rugged Trek tire, which is now available for consumers nationwide is billed as offering the flexibility of reliable, every day on-road performance in addition to a powerful, rugged design for off-road adventurers.

During the development of the Discoverer Rugged Trek, the Cooper team identified three core needs for the dual-terrain driver: hybrid performance, longevity, and appearance. The tire is Cooper’s answer to these needs by providing off-road capabilities in tandem with on-road handling and wet grip, aggressive mud tire looks, and a long-lasting warranty of up to 60,000 miles.

“The Cooper team has focused on truly understanding the Discoverer Rugged Trek consumer and providing the right combination of features to make the product standout,” said Michiel Kramer, Executive Director, Product Marketing for Cooper Tire. “We wanted to combine the spirit and physicality of off-roading with a well-mannered on-road tire, and the Discoverer Rugged Trek exceeds expectations in both categories.”

The Discoverer Rugged Trek includes several features that are said to benefit both the daily commute and occasional trailhead ventures or off-grid explorations.

  • Whisper Grooves to block the rush of air through the tire, allowing a reduction in noise during highway drives.
  • Stable Trac Technology to enhance traction, both on roads and rough surfaces, allowing drivers to maintain more control.
  • Earth Diggers forcefully dig into sandy, muddy and uneven surfaces to give the Discoverer Rugged Trek a solid foothold in unpredictable off-road environments.
  • Rough Terrain Tread Pattern helps keep rocks and stones out of the tread and on the ground, effectively reducing the chances of tire damage or lessened traction when traveling off-road.

Drivers are given a choice between unique sidewall designs on each side – the refined “Knife-Edge” or the bolder “Mountain Pass” – which is a first for any Cooper tire. While they offer distinct appearances, both sidewalls include raised black lettering and both further enhance off-road capabilities with long, deep cleats.

“We felt that giving drivers a choice in the appearance of their tires was a logical next step. Each sidewall adds a different flair and makes the Discoverer Rugged Trek a more customized addition to your vehicle,” added Kramer.

Among competing tire offerings, the Discoverer Rugged Trek has the best tread wear warranty in its class, and has been tested as stopping more quickly and with better grip on wet roads and turns than its competitors.

Discoverer Rugged Trek tires can now be purchased from select dealers nationwide.