If you’re looking for a way to buckle your pet in, here’s a find:

Wuffguard has launched their namesake product, a car safety device for dogs.

Wuffguard fully converts the front car seat into a safe, comfortable dog seat in seconds. Its seven-point shock absorption system will safely absorb approximately 2,000 lbs of force, which is the typical force that a 30-pound dog would be propelled forward during an accident.

Furthermore, Wuffguard is built to protect dogs in the event of hard braking. Slowing down from 45 to 20mph in two seconds can push a dog forward with a force equivalent to its weight, causing trauma and injury especially in small dogs.

“Most dog car seats are made of flimsy materials that don’t absorb force, can be extremely hard to set up, and easily fall out of place,” said Wuffguard co-founder Kurban Malik. “In addition, existing dog seat belts and harnesses are dangerous in the case of sudden braking or an accident and are so restrictive that dogs can hardly move.”

Wuffguard features flexible webbing and Crash-Safe Zones wrapped in a soft foam, which are designed to absorb additional force.

It also features an extendable front height for maximum coverage to fit any car seat and washable, water-resistant materials. The company says the product takes 60 seconds to set up, so users can easily transfer it in and out of different cars wherever their adventures take them.

“Considering how important dogs are in many people’s lives, it’s surprising how many people don’t consider their dog’s safety in the car,” said Malik. “With Wuffguard, we want to raise awareness of dog safety in cars and provide a solution people can feel good about.”

Wuffguard is now available on Kickstarter starting at $158USD.