ACOPower has launched a range of portable coolers/freezers that cool without the burden of ice or cables.

The lithium-ion battery in the new LiONCooler keeps food and beverages cold for 12-15 hours, which can be extended with the addition of solar power or by plugging into 12v DC or an AC wall socket. That’s where this product differs from most powered coolers—it doesn’t have to be plugged into a car or other power source to function.

ACOPower says that in addition to outdoor recreation, they’re seeing interest in the product as back-up refrigeration for power outages to preserve expensive perishables and to keep refrigerated medicine cool.

ACOPower Promo Video

The LiONCooler can drop temps as low as -4f (-20C), making it a freezer as well as a fridge. Capacity ranges from 15-52 quarts. Battery re-charging takes approximately 4-6 hours, and charging cables are supplied for AC/DC/Solar recharge options. The battery can be removed, and you can buy spare or replacement batteries.

The LG compressor and internal controller are warrantied for 2 years, and run quiet. Any solar panel can be used to recharge the battery using the MC4 universal connector provided. All LiONCooler units come with a telescopic luggage handle for easy portability except the 15 quart model.

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