Gear that is handmade with responsibly-sourced materials always rises to the top of our list – especially when it’s made by fellow travelers. Onus Art Projects in a small family company that creates products with love from either their workshop in South Lake Tahoe, or on the road in their converted school bus. Owners Dallas and Adam make aprons, bags, candles, skateboards and more, mostly from reclaimed materials.

RV Miles Editor Abigail Trabue sporting a beanie from Onus Art Projects

We love their crochet beanies that are available in various colors and can even be ordered custom for just $30. It’s a perfect hat for when the weather is cool and you want to cover your head without sweating. The yarn and the knit hey use feel incredibly durable, and they are professionally finished. We don’t expect these to unravel for years to come.

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