Updated 12/19/19, 9:30 a.m.

In an email to Roadlink users late last night, Togo has confirmed the below data plans first reported on by Mobile Internet Resource Center will be the new plans going forward. For more information click on the video below.

Updated: 12/18/19, 3:15 pm

For the last several months, we’ve been recommending the Togo Roadlink C2 as the best solution for mobile internet. At $360/year for unlimited data, it was by far the best deal around, and a game changer for us on the road.


Yesterday, many of our readers pointed out to us that the unlimited plan is no longer available on the AT&T Togo Portal, showing only a $25/month 5GB plan, and a $90/month $22GB plan.

We reached out to representatives from Togo, who have confirmed that the plans are changing, and an unlimited plan is likely no longer going to be an option, but the plans shown on AT&T’s website are incorrect. They’re waiting on final approval from AT&T before releasing that information. However, the Mobile Internet Resouce Center is reporting that the new data plans will be as follows:

  • 5GB for $25/mo
  • 22GB for $90/mo
  • 50GB for $175/mo
  • 100GB for $300/mo
  • 100GB for $325/yr (can be used throughout the year. Unused data expires at the end of the month on the other plans)

The $360/year unlimited data plan is still available to those who have recently purchased a Togo through January 15th. The device is currently out of stock for new purchases, but more may be available soon for those who want to nab the unlimited plan for at least one year. It will not be grandfathered for future years.

Togo also says that even though the device is locked to their proprietary AT&T plans, that anyone can contact the manufacturer’s tech support (Winegard) and they will unlock it so that other SIM cards can be placed in it from other carriers.