An RV propane oven is notorious for burning food, and poor heat distribution. However, it doesn’t have to become a useless appliance in your home on wheels. We use our propane oven on an almost daily basis, and you can too. Here are three tips for making your RV propane oven a useful cooking tool.

Use a Pizza Stone for Even RV Propane Oven Heat Distribution

This is our top tip. A pizza stone placed on the metal shelf of your propane oven will help regulate the heat and evenly distribute it.

A propane RV oven is heated by a flame coming out of a metal rod inside the oven. On top of that flame is a thin metal shelf that is supposed to help distribute the heat. It doesn’t. The metal plate does very little to distribute heat. The result is the oven having one hot spot – on top of the flame, and several cool spots everywhere else.

This is where a pizza stone comes into play. The stone acts as an insulator against the direct flame absorbing and distributing the heat around.

We use a round pizza stone, but know other RVers who really like the square version.

Whatever shape you choose, make sure the stone is the proper size for your oven and doesn’t completely cover the vents on the metal shelf.

Buy an Oven Safe Themometer

Your oven temperature dial is most likely not accurate. In fact, most RV propane ovens run several degrees lower than what the dial is set to. Best way to know the exact temperature inside your oven is with an oven-safe thermometer.

Placing a thermometer inside your oven will allow you to monitor the temperature and adjust as needed for proper cooking. We like this oven-safe thermometer.

Rotate the Food in Your RV Propane Oven

At this point, the pizza stone is in the oven. The oven is preheated to the right temperature. You are now ready to bake. One of the things we learned early on is that you’ve got to rotate your food halfway through baking. Cookies in the back need to be the cookies in the front. Cookies on the left, need to be cookies on the right. Rotating your food will ensure an even bake.

Ready to give your RV propane oven a try using the tips above? Check out our recipe for Berry Cobbler.

Have a tip for cooking with an RV propane oven? Let me know in the comments below.