Popular mail forwarding service MyDakotaAddress.com is closing, with no warning to customers. We have confirmed that all mail delivered to the company after today (July 26, 2018) will be marked “return to sender.”

The company was one of a handful of mail forwarding services full-time RV travelers use in South Dakota as a domicile (residency) address. The state is one of the more popular places RVers register due to its ease of driver’s license renewal and lack of income tax.

The company has posted no notice on its website but has emailed some, but not all of their clients. Most are finding out from each other on social media.

Terri Lund, the owner of MyDakotaAddress, has worked with another South Dakota mail forwarding company, DakotaPost in Sioux Falls, to waive their sign up fee for her clients and to match pricing. DakotaPost will open for extra hours this Saturday, July 28th, to help meet the demand.