This summer we took a big step. We sold our converted school bus, sold our mini-van and moved into a truck and trailer. The time had come, and Bussie is now living her best life on a farm in Georgia. We miss her and Henry still has a very strong preference towards Bussie, but that’s pretty natural considering it is the only home he remembers. He was a newly minted three when we moved out of the apartment and into Wander Bus.

Bussie will always be in our hearts, but it was time to move on.

Icelandic State Park – North Dakota

And move on we did. We took the plunge and went new, purchasing a 2020 Heartland Pioneer QB300. It ticked off a lot of boxes, the biggest being that the boys would have their own room on one end and our room would be on the other. We also needed a dedicated bunk for each kid. I was not going to have one kid sleeping on the floor in a makeshift bunk, or have two kids sharing a bed. They deserve their own real space. The Pioneer QB offers all of that, plus a clean and modern interior that required very little reworking on my part. There are also a host of things Jason loves about the Pioneer, including the awning. The man has been wanting an awning for three years (cue the YouTube video featuring all the things Jason loves about the Pioneer as well as a walk-through):

We have now been in our trailer for almost three months. We have weathered a major illness and seen our lives turned inside out and upside down, and through it all, our trailer has become a safe haven. We have been thrown a snowstorm, bitterly cold nights, super hot days, high wind gusts, and more, yet our home stays strong and a place of refuge.

Snowy October day in Minot, North Dakota

2020 will be the real test for Ranger Gandlaf Trailey II (working title). It’ll be our first full year of travel, and our first time taking the trailer west. We look forward to taking what we’ve learned from the bus life and applying it to this new chapter of travel – RV life. Let the adventure begin.

If you’d like to learn more about our move to trailer life, and why we went with the Pioneer, check out our 100th episode of the RV Miles Podcast.