This week, Abby gives a dramatic reading of one man’s frustration shopping for a new RV, plus how to find the real height of your unit, a unique old fashioned ice cream stop, we make our first trip to a National Park Service site since Jason’s surgery, plenty of truck news and more!

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To kick off the show Abby digs deep into her theater bag of tricks to read a post from a member of the RV Miles Facebook Group detailing their frustrations with travel trailer shopping. This post is just some of the fun we have in the group, so come join us if you haven’t already.

Height of your rig is next on the list and many thanks to our friends over at StressLess Camping for bringing this topic back up in a recent Facebook post. Tony and Peggy are great, and if you haven’t checked out their podcast, you should!

Next, we talk about a few day trips we’ve taken now that Jason’s medication has switched and Abby isn’t driving to the hospital three times a day. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve explored Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site, Stanley, ND and the mall in Bismark.

Finally, we wrap the show up with a new segment called “Truck Talk.” Basically, Jason talks about what’s happening in the world of trucks and Abby listens. Could an electric truck debut as early as next month? Possibly.

Fresh tank/black tank has a little bit of everything this week including the celebration of chili season and the first all-female spacewalk.

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