Gander Outdoors Website Launches with Prices That Wow

Gander Outdoors Website Launches with Prices That Wow

Gander Outdoors, the new company formed by parent Camping World from the remnants of Gander Mountain, has launched their new retail website as brick & mortar locations open across the country.

RV Miles editors did a price comparison of 20 non-sale items and found an average of 16% savings over outdoor giant Cabela’s, and prices nearly identical to

For instance, a Goal Zero lighthouse 400 Lantern and USB Powerhub Combo retails for $109.99 on Cabela’s website. Gander offers the product for $79.99. Amazon’s price is $79.95. In addition, Gander Outdoors offers free shipping on orders over $50. Cabela’s currently is offering a “free shipping on orders over $99” special, but shipping to our offices for the Goal Zero lantern would have set us back $16. The Amazon price includes free prime shipping, but membership to Amazon prime is required, so Gander gets the edge on this product.

Gander and Cabela’s both offer a price match guarantee, so theoretically you can get any item at the best price out there, but only Gander’s price-match extends to web orders. Cabela’s price match is for in-store purchases only.

Campers with a Good Sam membership can get additional discounts of up to 10% at Gander Outdoors, with 69 retail stores opening by May.

Visit the new site at

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