The Rhino-Rack company has released it’s new Batwing Awning. Updating from the older products which required carrying poles and ropes separately in the vehicle, the Batwing now has fully integrated legs that unclip from the storage position that drop into place for ease of setup.

Included are brackets that have a high and low fitting position, so there’s no need for any U-bolts or having to drill into racks. Rare earth magnets click to hold the arms in place, providing quick and easy storage, and thicker Velcro straps keep the awning secure when packed in place. The sleek black powder-coated aluminum poles have an easy grip handle to loosen and extend to a length of just under 2.3m for compatibility with tall vehicles and uneven surfaces.

The molded fittings on the end of each pole can accommodate 2 pegs directly through the base of the leg, saving the need for guy ropes. And for extreme conditions, included with the Batwing are 8 guy ropes with inbuilt hooks and 10 pegs that store in the new pocket.

Made from heavy-duty rip-stop fabric, the awning is both water and mold resistant and boasts an independently tested UPF 50 plus rating.

The whole bundle is stored in a black UV resistant bag, and is engineered to be compatible with existing accessories like sidewalls, extensions and tents.

The Batwing’s MSRP is $699.00, and it comes in both right and left models.

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