Click below to watch our review of the CLEAR2O® RV and Marine Inline Water Filter – CRV2600 on YouTube.

Filtering down to 1 micron, the CLEAR2O® offers a clean water option for RVers at a price that we love. Currently retailing at Walmart for around $30, the CLEAR2O® will last 3-6 months depending on your usage and water quality.

Here’s why we like it:

  • Easy to install with no extra tools needed
  • UV filter
  • Solid Carbon Block
  • Can be used to fill the fresh water tank
  • Filters down to 1 micron
  • Water tastes fresh and clean
  • Filters out chlorine, lead, volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as benzene and trihalomethanes, and other harmful contaminants.

RV Miles editor Jason Epperson put together a video showing how we install and use the CLEAR2O® on our rig. Additionally, he did a taste test of the Clear2O water quality up against the local campground water, and our Jerrycan, a product that can filter even swamp water. We were surprised by the clean taste the CLEAR2O® provides.

Overall, the CLEAR2O®provides an easy to install water filter at a price point that makes it realistic to use on a regular basis.