Today, we bust some myths about truck sizes and campsite lengths, we talk about unrealistic travel memes, and what you should never put in your RVs Black tank. Plus, former tobacco haven Durham North Carolina, after years of revitalization projects, is a modern metropolis full of food and fun. Listen below, or on any podcast app:

One of our “myths” this week was about the type of truck you need to pull certain RVs. Here’s a great guide to matching a truck to a trailer.

Our other myth was about the size of RV that “fits” into National Parks. check out our video on fitting large RV into a site that may be listed smaller:

Our trip to Durham, North Carolina had us visiting all kinds of great stuff, like the Aloft Hotel, the American Tobacco Campus, the Durham Bulls, the Museum of Life and Science, Bull City Burger & Brewery, and Monuts Donuts.

Jason’s “Fresh Tank” was the return of the historic park names to Yosemite after a trademark dispute with a former concessionaire. Read all about it here:

Formaldehyde in RV tank deodorizers is causing big problems for campground septic systems. Read about how California campgrounds are looking to ban deoderizers with certain ingredients here:

Abby appeared on this week’s episode of the Everybody’s National Parks Podcast, you can listen to it on any podcast app, or through this link.

Jason was featured in a Washington Post article about hidden new travel fees. Read it here.

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We’ll see you next week. Keep loggin’ those RV Miles!