This week on the show – hidden perks you might not know you already have waiting for you, going out to restaurants with little ones, the secrets behind interstate highways, and a high-end Overlanding camper that’s been under our nose since before overlanding was cool.

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Did you know there is actual rhyme and reason to the Interstate Highway system? Jason didn’t, Abby kind of did, and now thanks to this week’s discussion, we all kind of know.

Eating out with kids? It’s a challenge, but one Abby is willing to take on because the cleanup is way easier. A listener asks for suggestions on eating out with little ones, and Jason and Abby share what works for them, including a fun family game, good ol’ pen and paper, and sometimes devices.

And finally, we are thrilled to welcome Bob Rogers, Director of Marketing for Lance Camper to the show. Lance is a brand we have appreciated and admired for a long time, so it was great to chat with Bob about Overlanding and their Altimeter vehicle.

Lance Altimeter. Photo courtesy of Lance Campers.

Have you checked out Airstream’s new “comfort white” interior? It was Abby’s fresh tank of the week:

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Keep loggin’ those RV Miles and we’ll see you next week!

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