According to the May report from Kampgrounds of America, almost two-thirds of leisure travelers, and 7-in-10 campers, have experienced air travel issues. In fact, air travel issues caused 43% of campers to cancel in favor of camping.

Air Travel Pains

When asked about pain around air travel, high costs (46%) were the primary complaint. Campers also noted the rising cost of hotel accommodations (42%) and food (38%) associated with flying. Still reflective of the COVID-19 pandemic, 34% complained about how air travel can expose them to sick travelers.

“Air travel is becoming increasingly prohibitive for a large segment of leisure travelers; camping is emerging as an important solution,” comments Whitney Scott, senior vice president of strategy at Kampgrounds of America, Inc. “People are eager to travel and explore in ways that are not only cost-effective but also incite less stress.

Do Campers Prefer RVing Over Air Travel?

The report goes on to show campers have a more favorable view of RVing compared to air travel. Most (78%) agree that RVing offers more travel flexibility and has fewer hassles. A similar number (70%) note that RVing is more affordable than traveling via plane.

“RVers are particularly fervent travelers,” said Scott. “Experienced RVers spend 33 years enjoying the benefits of RVing. Across generations, the average expected RV tenure is 22 years, making this group very committed to this travel lifestyle. They are buying rigs, making updates, and establishing themselves as a core camping subset. However, we need to be cognizant of how we can support newer and younger RVers who are less certain about future plans.”

Concerns for New RVers

Several pain points for new RVers were noted in the latest findings. These include not having enough campground options (42%), having to drive too far to camp (38%), and that campgrounds are too crowded (26%).

“It’s important that we understand why people may camp and RV less even while outdoor hospitality is thriving,” Scott asserted. “These aren’t challenges; they are opportunities for us to make impactful changes to make our industry even more successful.”

Additional findings include campings continued pace upward, with almost 1.5 million additional households camping in April compared to the previous year. As peak season approaches, over half of campers (56%) are likely to take at least one camping trip in the next 30 days.

Looking to Memorial Day specifically, 44% of campers plan to take advantage of the holiday. In comparison, only 19% of non-campers plan to travel during the Memorial Day time period.

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