By Jason Epperson

On Tuesday, Verizon released an overhaul of their prepaid plans, and buried within is a completely unlimited tablet or jetpack hotspot option, according to a report from At $65 (after a $5 discount for setting up autopay), it’s an extremely attractive option for RV internet on the nation’s most robust network, and it is truly unlimited – there is no reduction in speed after a certain cap other than typical deprioritization on busy networks, which shouldn’t affect most users very much.

There’s a catch though. Since this is a prepaid plan, there is no contract. That means Verizon can change this deal at any point, especially after thousands of travelers rack up tons of data. They could add a cap, or change the pricing, or eliminate it altogether. We’ve seen carriers re-examine their unlimited plans time and time again after demand on the network went out of control.

Still, if you already have a jetpack or a tablet that you can use with this plan it’s definitely worth jumping on board now, and reassessing after any changes are made. For more information about how to sign up, visit’s thorough overview.