By our estimate, there are over 300+ RV brands out there and while it may be common knowledge that most RV brands are owned by larger companies, many don’t realize those companies are all organized in different ways.

With over 300 brands it can be confusing to know who owns what and why.

In the video below, we share basic information on some of the largest RV parent companies out there and what brands they own, along with some insights about how those companies operate.

Full disclosure, we are not going to get all 300+ RV brands in this video, so it is possible your favorite may not make it in this quick rundown. This is the beginning of a series of articles and videos, and in the future, we plan to take a closer look at individual brands, breaking down what they make, and how they operate. So stay tuned!

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The Parent Company of Every RV Brand. How Many Do You Know?

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