VIDEO: Fitting a Big RV into a Small Campsite

One of the most common social media group questions we see is “how short does your RV need to be to fit into a national park or state park campground?” There are some fear-mongering articles out there that list inaccurate lengths for different campgrounds for National Park Service campgrounds, but we’re here to show you that the listed site length isn’t always what it seems. Often you can fit a much larger RV into a smaller site by overhanging off the back, for instance. In addition, most sites are angled and measured on the short side. You can gain several feet just by parking closer to the long side of the site.

In this video, I show how we fit our 37′ bus AND our 17′ minivan (54′ total) into a site listed at 35′, with room to spare, at Blue Bell Campground in South Dakota’s Custer State Park:

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