Pictured: Founders Stephanie Simpson and Christian Axness

‘Republic of Nomads’ strives to help families develop a lifestyle around adventure, exploration, and service.

Republic of Nomads, a new membership organization has been formed with the goal of helping families transition from short-term to long-term and full-time RV travel.

The Republic of Nomads is founded by Christian Axness and Stephanie Simpson, who had the idea through conversations about helping families to make the transition from recreational to full-time RV travelers sustainably.

Axness and Simpson have a combined 16 years of full-time travel under their belts and have designed the Republic of Nomads to serve and grow the community of RV traveling families through experience-based travel opportunities and service projects. Members will have will build a deeper connection with local communities and cultures, while finding purpose on the road. 

Their first event will be in April at Logandale, Nevada’s Windy’s Ranch & Rescue, an all-volunteer animal sanctuary. Attendees will get 7 nights of camping, daily activities, a field trip to Valley of Fire State Park, and an on-site service project to help build Windy’s infrastructure.

Other upcoming events include a backpacking exploration of Yosemite National Park, and an immersive road-schooling event in South Dakota.

“The Republic of Nomads is a purpose-driven community designed to help families find their footing as they transition from short-term to long-term RV travel,” said Axness,” so that they can feel more confident in sustaining their journey as a full-time RV family.”

The organization values inclusion and celebrates diversity, too. “We believe that every family has a place within the Republic & that the richness and beauty of the Republic is the unique contributions of perspective and experience that each family brings with them to share and to strengthen the nomadic family community,” said Simpson.

To learn more about The Republic of Nomads at TheRepublicOfNomads.com, or email [email protected].