On this episode of RV Miles, we get personal with some thoughts on managing your travel expectations in order to get the best out of a journey. We also have a whole bunch of RV travel and care tips, a new brain teaser, and a whole lot more!



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Show Notes

In the news, we covered the Theodore Roosevelt Library and Museum that has been proposed for Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. See the designs and read the rationale here.

We then talked about the National Park Service sign font that you can now download for free, thanks to a man who took rubbings of signs and digitized them. There’s also the NPS Rodeway font.

The National Scenic Byways Act is close to congressional appropriation after lapsing for several years.

And this week’s America’s National Parks Podcast covers the life of Buffalo Soldier hero Charles Young, who became the first Black superintendent of a National Park, among his many other accomplishments in the face of a society that looked down upon people of color.

After the break and the answer to last week’s brain teaser, we covered a bevy of some random thoughts and tips. The first being to check your oil on a level surface, especially with a big diesel engine that holds a lot of oil. The dipstick reading can be off drastically on even the slightest incline.

In an update to Outdoor Newbies episode, Abby talked about two sites great for families exploring the outdoors—HikeItBaby.com and KidsInParks.com.

We closed out the segment talking about the most common spot for RV damage (the passenger side upper front corner and whether or not bleach is safe to use in an RV (spoiler: it is).

After the final break, Abby let loose on her mixed feelings about getting back into the bus, and her expectations for perfect RV travel. How do you let the phony reality of Instagram and Pinterest go, and just live for the campfire?