It’s time for the big annual RV Miles Holiday Gift Guide episode! We’ve got all sorts of goodies for every type of RV owner on any size budget — and we think two or three of our recommendations are bound to be the hottest items at the campground next season. From electric scooters, to board games, and the coolest camp clothing, find great gifts for the RV owner you love. Listen below, or in any podcast app, and find the web version of the gear guide here.

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When you’re out camping in the wild, miles from the nearest propane or electrical hookup, every bit of energy and fuel you can save matters. With GoSun Solar Cookers, you can cook full, hot meals without propane. Without electricity. Without wood. GoSun cookers trap the sun’s rays to steam, bake, roast, and boil – even when it’s cloudy, using special reflectors to grab available heat from the sun and trap it into a borosilicate glass tube where your food cooks at up to 550 degrees. And three different models offer the perfect combination of portability and cooking capacity. Visit and use the code RVMILES to get 15% off all of GoSun’s Solar Cookers.

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Holiday Gift Guide

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