by Jason Epperson

The longest US federal government shutdown ever is leaving 800,000 employees without paychecks, and the nation’s largest RV dealership is thowing them a bone.

Camping World CEO announced via a Facebook live stream from the Cleveland RV Show that his company will provide part time hours to government employees in need of some cash to make ends meet. The organization operates 140 RV dealerships and 200 retail Gander Outdoors stores.

In addition, Lemonis said that his 7000 employees are paid for 32 hours a year of volunteer work, and is offering them up to help clean up parks that are plagued with damage and litter as they remain open with few rangers and no funding.

People looking for work or organizations looking for volunteers should email [email protected]. If you need employment, in the body of the email share your name, address, contact info, and the Camping World or Gander store or dealership closest to you. If you need volunteers, in the subject line of the email type “Need volunteers at [insert park name].”

Lemonis and his company have a history of major philanthropic gestures, including sending a cargo plane full of supplies to Puerto Rico after the devistation caused by Hurricane Maria.