This week as the coronavirus continues to drastically change the travel landscape, we talk with three industry experts about the latest mass campground closures, why private parks consider themselves essential services, and what the RV industry is doing to help health care workers and first responders. Plus, we give you our best ideas to get your outdoor fix while sheltering in place.

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This week we kicked off the show with some ideas for getting your outdoor fix while cooped up. Here’s the list in article form:

We followed with interviews from three industry insiders about the current situation:

Demian Ross from Rootless Living talked about campground closures and his resources for tracking them as well as long-term private campgrounds that are open for anyone needing somewhere to shelter-in-place.

Gigi Stetler told us about the work that the Recreational Vehicle Advisor Consumer Organization is doing to get RVs to healthcare and emergency workers who need shelter or a place to quarantine. You can apply for their resources here, or donate money or offer up your own RV here.

Finally, we talked with Bobby Cornwell about how RV parks and campgrounds should be considered an essential service while many businesses are being told to close. Read our article on the subject here.

In the Fresh Tank / Blank Tank segment, we ditched the black tanks for all good things. Abby talked about cool online things to do like Dancing Alone Together, Audible Stories, and The Big List of Children’s Authors Doing Online Read-Alouds & Activities.

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