Camping World CEO Responds to Outrage Over Charlottesville Comments


Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis took to YouTube today to clarify his comments on President Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville, saying “I don’t care what your political party is, if you are OK with hatred and violence, that’s not OK with me.” Click above to watch the video. 

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  • Faye Hegwood#1

    October 9, 2018

    We are against violence of any type, but we hate more when someone like Lemonis tells us he does not want us in his stores anymore. Since retirement, camping is our thing and we have purchased a lot from Camping World, but after what he said we will never buy another thing from there. Also he needs to save his breath on trying to apologize, the damage has already been done and I don’t won’t another sale paper or any type of advertising to come into this home. Also we belong to a camping group and you don’t have to worry about them buying anything either. Also we have friends in other states and they agree with me. Faye Hegwood from Mississippi


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