Unlimited AT&T Data for $360/Year Now Available via Togo

Unlimited AT&T Data for $360/Year Now Available via Togo

Togo, part of TH2, a joint venture between Thor Industries and New Zealand-based thl, has announced a new exclusive data plan for RVers through AT&T, offering 4G LTE connectivity.

The plan requires the purchase of the Roadlink C2 ($399), which is a piece of hardware that combines cellular capabilities with a WiFi booster to pick up local networks.

Previously, the data plan was announced for Airstream owners, but with the purchase of the Roadlink C2, any recreational vehicle can now benifit from the plan.

The Roadlink C2 will allow you to get up to 10 devices connected even while the vehicle is in motion with multiple long-range, high-performance omnidirectional Wi-Fi boosting & LTE antennas and a fully integrated router.

You can use the Roadlink C2 with Verizon sim cards as well, but the special deal is through AT&T, offering two data plans: unlimited, unthrottled hotspot data for a full year for $360 (must be paid up-front) or 5GB packets for $25 a piece (great for those who travel infrequently).

“Campers who value cell service and Wi-Fi on the road are able to spend more days camping each year,” said Togo president Dave Simmons. “That’s what Togo is all about—giving people the opportunity to spend more time enjoying the RV lifestyle. With reliable connectivity through AT&T, Togo Roadlink will allow RVers to stay connected to family, friends and co-workers back home.”

The Togo ecosystem includes the free Togo app, which offers many organization, research, and planning features for RVers. For more information, visit runswithtogo.com/roadlink.

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Jason Epperson

Jason travels the country full-time with his wife Abigail, and three children.

  • to#1

    June 30, 2019

    We use this every day. We full time RV. On average we are using 100 gigs a day. Six people, 4 homeschooling, 1 TV.

  • Arlene Baker#2

    November 11, 2019

    So I saw both your videos, one of them recommending the no contract Visible plan, and this. It would seem the Visible plan would not be as good? Would this actually replace the Visible and could you use it to attach a Roku to the TV to watch streaming channels?

    • Jason Epperson#3

      November 11, 2019

      We have not reviewed the Visible plan, so you must have been looking at a different channel’s video. But I can say that Visible is a decent option for solo travelers or couples who don’t need gobs of internet. A couple things to note: Visible always maxes out at 5gbps. That’s slowish, but will still do decent video streaming. You can only tether one device to it at a time. Meaning you can’t sit on your laptop while watching Netflix on the TV, and meaning that you’ll often be spending time disconnecting one thing so you can connect another. Another important consideration is that Visible customers are always de-prioritized over Verizon customers on the tower, meaning you could often be slowed in a busy area. But if you are ok with some sacrifices for cheaper internet/phone, it works for many. Togo lets you connect 10 devices at a time. We do, in fact, have our Roku TV connected to it. We can watch HD video in one room, while the kids are watching something in another.


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