Traveling with young kids to new places is thrilling, but it can be intimidating for them to roam free at a campground, run ahead on a trail, or even let go of your hand in a crowd. Here are some of our choices for gear to keep kids safe while camping.

Identification/Medical ID Bands

It’s hard to imagine the unimaginable, but if your child is lost and can’t speak for themselves, ready contact information can reunite, or even save their life.

A wearable item, such as. Road ID bands are an easy way to have emergency contact information with your child at all times. The text is fully customizable, so medical information can be included.

Light-Up Arm Bands

The Nite Ize SlapLit Led Slap Wrap is a soft bracelet for any size ankle or arm that lights up with the press of a button. This is perfect for identifying your kids running around the campground at night. The bracelet comes in three colors, has two light modes — solid on or flashing — and has a reflective surface that adds more visibility. T

he battery lasts 100 hours and is replaceable. A D-ring allows you to hang it from a backpack strap or belt loop.

Safety Whistles

There’s nothing more useful than a whistle to reunite parties that get separated. We like the Heimdall Safety Whistle with Lanyard, sold in a 2-pack on Amazon for under $10. It’s extremely shrill and loud and is designed to clip on a belt, or you can loop the lanyard onto a backpack or zipper pull.

2-Way Radios (Walkie-Talkies)

2-way radios, or “walkie-talkies” are great for sending your kids off to the playground and allow you to check in on them from the campsite. 2-way radios also double as a communication device between driver and spotter when backing up the RV into your campsite.

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