Pictured: Rootless Living Magazine

The publishers of Rootless Living Magazine have announced that they’ve secured the 1st Annual “National Digital Nomad Day” for Saturday, August 8, 2020 with several “national day” calendar publishers. They’ve also declared August as “Digital Nomad Month”

Digital Nomads​ are remote workers who travel to different locations, and often don’t have a single home base. Many full-time RV travelers are digital nomads—It’s currently estimated that over one million individuals and families travel, work, and live in a vehicle in the U.S. But they’re hardly the only ones. Digital nomads also travel the country and the world via trains, boats, or planes, often living in vacation rentals and hotels.

Rootless living says that Digital Nomad Day​ will be set aside each year for people to “share, celebrate, and learn what it means to be a digital nomad.” With more American’s joining the remote workforce, many are looking to find a way to experience everything this country has to offer. Nomads are encouraged to share and use the hashtag #DigitalNomadDay as a way to connect with others in the community.

Rootless Living Magazine is a bi-monthly publication currently on their 4th issue. It’s available in both print and as a free digital download. The magazine will host an in-person rally in 2021 with local meet-ups across the country.