Today, our first weekend in our new trailer takes us to our first Jellystone campground. We’ve got our recap of the Jellystone in Sioux Falls, plus celebrities who camp – who’s the most legit celebrity RVer? A new brainteaser, listener questions, and is the RV industry in a slump? All that and more on the two-year anniversary of the RV Miles Podcast.

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Alright, alright, alright. What celebrities enjoy having a home on wheels and which ones take glamping to a whole new level? Check out this article from Rollick for all the details:

Jeff Daniels is a celebrity just like us, and he knows a thing or two about RVing. Maybe we’ll be able to get him on the podcast one day…

We are on the road with our Roadlink and we can now say it is a game-changer.

Jason has a review on the RV Miles YouTube page detailing how he installed it and why we think it is the best deal out there.

RV Miles listeners can get a free year of Roadtrippers PLUS with the purchase of a TOGO Roadlink. Click the link below to redeem your free subscription with code “RVMiles”

A listener asked what is the best RV show to check out Class B’s, and we can’t think of a better show than the Super B Show in Glendale, AZ. Find out when that happens, and check out what shows are coming to your city in our RV Show article. One of our most popular articles on RV Miles!

Have you joined the hippest RV Facebook group out there? We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and there are some of the nicest and most helpful RVers out there in the group. Come join us!

We have a new series coming to RV Miles and it is all about you! “Cell Service” is series that gives the community a chance to share their thoughts about the community. Give us a call at 773-769-7769 and let us know what is your “can’t live without” piece of camping gear. Don’t worry, we won’t answer. Just leave a 30-60 second message and you may be featured on an upcoming show. Look forward to connecting!

Abby’s fresh tank this week went to her favorite Yoga YouTube channel – SarahBethYoga. Plenty of programs for all levels and all focuses without a lot of chit chat. Thanks to Road Warrior Mandy Wallace for bringing SarahBeth to our attention in her “How to Exercise on the Road” article for RV Miles:

Jason’s black tank this week focused on the downward trend and the recent drop in RV shipments. You can read more about it here:

And if you have an answer to this week’s brain teaser, leave it here:

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We’ll see you next week. Keep loggin’ those RV Miles!

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