One of the biggest surprises recently in the world of mobile internet has come from the new Togo company and their partnership with Winegard and AT&T to build a mobile connectivity kit.

Engineered for RVs, the Roadlink C2 connects all of your devices through a secure hotspot that maximizes speed and range, and we’ve partnered with Togo to give one away!

The Roadlink is a small dome that goes on the roof of your RV and can boost WiFi signals and acts as an antenna for cell data from an incredible AT&T deal only available with the Roadlink – unlimited cellular data for $360 a year.

Respected antenna builder Winegard has packed the Roadlink connectivity kit with multiple long-range, high-performance omnidirectional Wi-Fi boosting & LTE antennas, powering a top-notch router with fully integrated, easy-to-use software. It even works in motion.

The Roadlink retails for $399 (an excellent value), but we’re giving you a shot to get one for free! To win, you just need to provide your name and email address in the contest page here. (Make sure to read all the rules!) You have to enter by midnight Eastern time on May 3rd.

This contest has ended, but for a Togo Roadlink discount, look below:

There are really no discounts available for the Togo Roadlink out there, but we’ve talked Togo into giving RV Miles readers a free year of Roadtrippers Plus if you use the code “RVMILES” when you purchase through this link. Roadtrippers is a great web app for planning routes and finding great destinations along the way.

To hear more about Togo and the Roadlink, listen to episode 91 of the RV Miles Podcast below or on any podcast app. We chatted with Steven Hileman from Togo about everything the Roadlink has to offer.