KKCO 11 out of Grand Junction, Colorado is reporting that Bob Scott RVs has left numerous people with debt for RVs they no longer possess.

The situation involves a local dealer, Bob Scott RVs, who was engaged to sell customers’ RVs on consignment. After deducting commission and other fees, the remaining profit should have been returned to the original owner. However, according to the report, several customers claim they never received the money owed after their RVs were sold.

One of the affected customers reported that she and her husband gave their trailer to Bob Scott RV at the end of summer 2022. Two months later, they were informed that the trailer had been sold for $37,000. After commission and fees, they were expecting a return of just over $31,000. Unfortunately, they never received the payment, and as far as their bank is concerned, they still own the trailer and are on the hook for their loan.

They heard numerous excuses from the dealer, ranging from tight finances to a secretary’s health issues causing delayed payments. After they threatened legal action and police involvement, Bob Scott RV reportedly ceased communication with the couple.

Photo courtesy of Bob Scott RVs Facebook page.

Other customers have reported similar stories, and on April 11th, the dealership’s RV lot was found locked and empty. It was later confirmed by authorities that Bob Scott RV surrendered its business license in February 2023. Now, customers who are owed money are seemingly left in debt and without recourse. The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating between 13 and 15 cases involving Bob Scott RV.

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