Ahhhh, s’mores. The quintessential camping treat. A toasted marshmallow and a hunk of chocolate sandwiched between to squares of graham cracker. Simple, gooey, and totally impractical to eat, but somehow perfect. Some people apparently eat enough s’mores that they have grown bored of their basic form and have decided they needed to plus them up. There are thousands of ridiculous s’more-adjacent recipes out there … and we have to admit, some of them look pretty darn good. The following are some of our picks for the best s’more enhancing ideas.

Banana Split S’Mores

This one earns points for being about as easy to make as a regular s’more, while still scoring huge points for uniqueness. Split a banana down the middle into a boat, stuff it with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips, and roast on a grill or campfire.

Cotton Candy S’Mores

No chocolate on this fresh s’more take from Eat the Trend, instead, they used gourmet strawberry marshmallows, birthday cake sprinkles and then topped it all with a dollop of cotton candy.

Bacon Weave S’Mores

Maybe you’ve thought of putting candied bacon on S’mores. You wouldn’t be the first. But have you thought of weaving the bacon into a square to replace the graham cracker? Well now you have, thanks to this absolutely bonkers creation from Delish:

S’Mores Quesadilla

This might be the messiest thing you will ever eat — chocolate, marshmallows, and graham cracker crumbs between two tortillas covered in cinnamon and sugar. Then topped with more marshmallows and chocolate.

Speculoos Nutella Candied Bacon S’mores

Speculoos cookies are like a gourmet graham cracker on overload, with all kinds of fall spices. And apparenty, it pairs great with candied bacon. Yes. Candied bacon. Here’s the recipe from Diana, A Broad.

S’Mores Nachos

There are a lot of s’mores nacho recipes out there, but most are simply a s’mores dip. We feel this one from the Rachel Ray Show understood the assignment, using cinnamon & sugar pita chips instead of graham crackers.

S’Mores Danish

If you want s’mores for breakfast, it’s time to load them into a danish. We’re not sure what makes danishes breakfast food, but they are. This recipe from The Chew is simple and looks out of this world:

S’Mores Popsicles

If it’s really hot, a campfire may be out of the question, along with the idea of warm dessert. Enter the s’mores popsicle. This creation utilizes a popsicle mold to combine those basic s’mores ingredients into a frozen fudge-marshmallow treat. Full recipe at Creme de la Crumb.

S’Mores Grilled Cheese

OK, hang with us here. We know the name sounds gross … but listen to the ingredients: Nutella, marshmallow fluff, graham cracker crumbs, and mascarpone cheese. We’d plus-up this Pop Sugar recipe by loading it into a pie iron and roasting over the campfire:

Nutella Peach “S’Mores”

For the “that’s too sweet” or the “I pretend my dessert is healthy” crowd, here’s a take on s’mores that removes the marshmallow. There’s a bit of argument here at the RV Miles headquarters about whether it qualifies as a s’more at all. But here you go, from Field and Stream, a s’more that replaces the marshmallow with a grilled peach.

S’mores Sushi

Are you one of those people who likes to take things that are dirt-simple and make them 10 times more difficult? This one’s for you — S’mores Sushi (or if we really want to get technical, uramaki):

S’mores Burger???

OK, now we’re just getting absurd. This is an actual beef hamburger made with s’mores ingredients … and red velvet onion rings. RV Miles is not responsible for your heart attack. Just … don’t do this.

We’d love to know how you make s’mores! Leave a comment below with your favorite creation.