This week, hiking etiquette, and a personality quiz that will leave you with the chills. Plus, why not to visit the casinos just outside of Vegas, and a new trailer from Lance Campers.

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The cold has officially arrived in Minot, and in order to keep the RV safe, Jason and Abby have headed to a hotel for the week until the temps get out of the teens at night. Jason is also days away from having his skull replacement surgery and starting the final leg of their journey here in Minot.

After a break, the National Park Service has an informative infograph all about hiking etiquette, and we chat about the eight items on the list. See the graph here:

We wrap up the show will a little Halloween NPS fun and one of Jason’s favorite segments, a surprise quiz. What type are you? A, B, C, or D? Take the quiz alongside Jason to find out, or head over to the National Park Service Facebook link below:

In Fresh Tank/Black Tank we Abby talk about the passing of two mountain lions in the Santa Monica Mountains, and wants everyone to know that Hallmark Christmas Movies have returned. Jason sticks to the RV world (he’s such a goody-goody) and shares a story of what happens when you mix and RV and a casino just outside of Vegas. Plus, he’s loving the new Lance Trailer featuring no slideouts.

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This week we travel to Shreveport, LA and the Water Works Museum on the See America Podcast:

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