Meet the camper van of the future.

In a collaboration with chemical company BASF, Hymer is showing off its latest concept vehicle, and it’s full of “wow.”

The sleek and multifunctional design integrates 3D-printing, infrared-reflective paint, roof and rear patio with BBQ and pneumatic pop-top roof.

The concept vehicle is called VisionVenture, and Hymer says it’s what class B RVs will look like in 5 years.

Built on a 4-wheel-drive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, VisionVenture’s integrative front design builds smooth transitions between cab and body. The chassis cowl with its original doors, the headlights and the radiator grille have all been retained, but the windscreen has been shifted further forward and the A-pillar, bonnet and rooflight have been redesigned. The wheel arch panel and selected body parts are produced using 3D printing techniques, giving them an robust, rubber-like quality. Also new is the ultra-resilient paintwork in a striking dark green that incorporates temperature-regulating “Chromacool: technology from BASF to reduce the surface temperature of the vehicle by 36°F and that of the interior by up to 7°F.

The back of the VisionVenture opens into a “patio” configuration, complete with a grill and ladder.

But what we really love is the design. The outdoor patio/kitchen looks fantastic, the office space is well thought, and the expandable bathroom seems like a big win. Check out the video below:

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