Swedish water technology company Orbital Systems has announced a partnership with US-based Mobile Specialty Vehicles (MSV) to bring their closed-loop water and energy saving shower to the RV market. The Oas Shower analyses, filters, purifies and recirculates shower water in real-time while tracking usage and savings data via an app.

The technology will soon be available for installation in aftermarket vehicle conversions and as a factory option from manufacturers from a new company created through the partnership called OSYS Mobile.

“We are thoroughly excited to be joined by MSV’s President and CEO, Daniel Ayres, as a strategic partner and new member of the Orbital family,” says BG Weiss, Vice President of US Operations for ORBITAL SYSTEMS. “From day one, Daniel’s vision for the RV industry has been to deliver on the promise of luxury and comfort with an off-grid experience. And ORBITAL SYSTEMS is about exactly that – enhancing a user’s shower experience while minimizing their water and carbon footprint, without sacrificing on luxury or comfort.”

Self-containment is a major consideration for the RV industry, and water limitations can be a significant challenge. Tthe length of a trip is usually bound by how often RVers need to refill the water tanks and discharge waste. The Oas shower aims to untether customers from this limitation. Nichols adds, “I am excited about how this technology will improve the challenges experienced across multiple industries and applications; air travel, marine, and portable housing to name a few.”

In a typical RV setup, a family of four taking daily showers will have about three days of water use before having to return to the grid to refill. Showers consume a high percentage of the available water in a unit. “If we can turn this statistic on its head, a new paradigm is possible. Take three days of water and turn it into 30 days!” says Ayres. “By reducing the amount of total water used in every shower cycle by up to 90%, our Orbital partnership is helping dry camping travelers go much longer before running out of water.”

“The Oas shower uses an average of 2.6 gallons of clean, recycled and purified water, for the entire duration of the shower,” says BG Weiss. “But the best part is that the Oas not only reduces water and energy use, it provides the user with a comfortable, high flow shower experience, for as long as they want, without any concern about water limits!” OSYS Mobile is most excited for the green movement and “toy hauler” crowd who truly embrace off-grid and outdoor adventure travel. “When water limitations go away, people can stay off-grid for longer periods, exploring and playing in remote places where nature should be the only thing on their mind,” explains Ayres.

MSV will introduce OSYS Mobile and showcase the first mobile Oas shower at the FMCA’s 97th International Convention & RV Expo on March 15th, 2018 in Perry, Georgia.