Harvest Hosts Discount Code

RV Camping At 952+ Wineries, Breweries, Farms and More! Harvest Hosts is a membership network that invites self-contained RVers to stay overnight for free. Harvest Hosts is offering RV Miles readers a special discount code so you can try it out on your next RV trip.

Get 15% off a Harvests Hosts membership with our 2019 Coupon Code

Just click the button below to head over to the Harvest Hosts site, and use the coupon code HHFRIENDS15 for 15% off!

The $79 yearly membership gives members unlimited access to stay overnight at any Host locations. We kindly ask our members to support their Hosts by purchasing one of their local products with each stay! Make sure to click the button above to get 15% off with the code HHFRIENDS15.

Requirements for joining the program

  • You must have a self-contained RV with a toilet, water tank and inside cooking facilities
  • No tents of any kind are allowed