We’ve been on the road for over two years now in our converted school bus. We’ve been border to border and coast to coast twice now: Is it time for us to make some big changes? You’ve heard all the stories about shady salespeople and poor service, but is the fear of camping world really what it seems? Major news on the mobile internet front, and it’s not good. And one of our favorite places on earth, where you can bask in the white sandy beaches and roar with the top gun jets, all on this episode of the RV Miles podcast.

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RVMobileInternet.com is confirming that as of May 21st Verizon will no longer offer the prepaid $65 unlimited Jetpack Plan. What does that mean for internet on the road? Click here to read the full details.

Pensacola, FL is one of our favorite places, and we just wrapped up two weeks in this gorgeous coastal town. Highlights included:

On the Pensacola Naval Base:

Fort Pickens


Abby’s Fresh Tank/Black Tank this week was all about the National Park Service. You can read more about Yosemite’s Camp 4 here, and check out this cool article on ancient fossilized prints in the Grand Canyon. Jason had a lot to say this week about Camping World’s reputation, and the way some try to sensationalize it for their own benefit. Only took us 94 episodes for the dam to break. His Fresh Tank this week goes to all those campground neighbors out there. Thanks for being some of the nicest people around!

And finally, we wrap this week up on a more personal note. After almost three years of bus life, Jason and Abby are starting to feel the push towards a truck and trailer. It’s clear the WanderBus is getting older and not as interested in loggin’ the kind of miles our lifestyle now requires. The chance could happen as soon as next month, or the first of the year. There are a lot of things to figure out, and a lot of emotions to sort through, but they do know it is time to find a reliable brand of travel trailer that will have a dedicated bunk house for the boys and keep their family on the road for years to come. Suggestions welcome.


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