This week, After almost 10 weeks in the Verde Valley, we’re on the move. We tell you where we’ve headed, but take some time to reflect on our Arizona shelter-in-place experience and the wonderful travel opportunities in the area. Plus, listener questions, news about mobile satellite TV, and more.

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Looking for a campground in the area? We can’t recommend Verde Ranch RV Resort more. After 10 weeks at the campground, we feel pretty confident in our recommendation. Fantastic staff, great location, and top-notch amenities:

Looking for a hike near Verde Ranch RV Resort? Check out the Copper Canyon Hike.

Take a short, but gorgeous drive from Camp Verde to the mountain town of Jerome. You can learn more about this mining town in a recent episode of the See America Podcast, and you can also watch Abby attempt to cross the incredibly deep mine shaft opening on Facebook.

After the break, we chatted about the few times we popped over to Sedona. Here’s a few suggestions we have for your next trip:

  • Sedona
    • Red Rock Scenic Byway
    • Red Rock Ranger Station/visitor center
    • Red Rock Crossing
      • Cathedral Rock & Bell Rock
      • Baldwin Trail
    • Scenic drive past Sedona towards Slide Rock State Park & Oak Creek Canyon
  • Scenic Route 89A – 85-mile state highway that runs from Prescott north to Flagstaff

Abby’s fresh tank this week is a Scribd, an online audiobook/book subscription service.

Jason’s fresh tank goes to DISH Outdoors and how customers of DISH will not be impacted by the STELAR Act. The STELLAR Act Requires satellite companies to make agreements with local providers to show local content out of area. DirecTV is asking for an extension because of COVID19, but isn’t getting it, so DirecTV customers on the road may not get local channels.

Why it’s a fresh tank? The provisions in the act ONLY impact DirecTV customers. DISH Outdoors customers will NOT be impacted and can continue to enjoy available network channels on the road.

If you want to become a DISH Outdoors customer you can save $50 off an antenna bundle with code RVMiles at We get no kickback from this deal, and we were not compensated for sharing this info with you.

Keep loggin’ those RV Miles and we’ll see you next week!

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