It’s not easy finding a multi-use blanket for a family of 5 that can actually grow with your family and doesn’t weigh as much as a small child to carry around ( believe me, I know. I’ve looked at more beach blankets on-line than I care to admit, and probably had one too many social media conversations on the subject too). So, when I found the ADALID BEACH BLANKET I did the happy dance because it seemed to check off my  needs and my wants. I NEED it to be big enough, I NEED it to be light weight, I NEED it to be multi-functional, and I NEED it to withstand the tornado of spillage that is my kids eating and drinking. Oh, and it has got to be affordable. Going into our second summer with The ADALID I’d say it’s met all our needs and held up great. It’s super lightweight, takes up almost no space, and we’ve used it at the beach, the park, camping, and probably a bunch of other places that I can’t remember right now. It’s a permanent addition to my summer beach/diaper bag. I’m a fan.


I probably use the stakes more than I use the sand pockets at the beach, and the stakes have definitely got a bit of a bend to them thanks to the fast feet of small boys not paying attention to where they are running, but that’s a minor thing in my book. We’ve spilled the juice, soda, coffee (alright, I’ve spilled coffee. I can’t put that on anyone else in my family), and they’ve all washed out. Stakes come in their own little carrying case that fits easily in the main bag along with the blanket. I was just at Foster Beach the other night with my boys and it took me more time to locate all the sand toys than it did for me to pull up four stakes, shake off the sand (which falls off easily) and stuff everything into the bag. And did I mention I did this alone on a windy evening on Lake Michigan? Rockstar parenting. Rockstar blanket.


The ALDAIR BEACH BLANKET in action (and yes, those are PIZZA Quesadilla’s, or as we call them pizzadilla’s. Dinner on the beach is an easy affair).

File_000 (1)

No blanket here, but this is a rare sighting that had to be shared. All 3 Epperson boys playing peacefully together (that ended as soon as this picture was taken).