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Thor Motor Coach Revamps Class A Diesel Styling

Pictured: 2021 Tuscany 45MX | Portofino Decor, Regatta Cabinetry

Thor Motor Coach’s Palazzo, Aria, Venetian and Tuscany lines have been restyled and modernized for model year 2021.

Palazzo has a new interior decor package dubbed the “Studio Collection,” which features modern cabinetry with tasteful fabric and leatherette color options. Four seatbelts at the booth dinettes add to the passenger capacity, and new pop-up outlet in the kitchen provides more convenient access to electrical outlets. Other style upgrades include a crisp-looking bathroom, new cabinet hardware and new wall art that complements the overall elegance of the home.

Aria’s 2021 exterior features a contemporary new front cap, and the interior upgrades focus on family, providing an increase in ride capacity with four seat belts at the Dream Dinette® in the 3701, 3901 and 3902 floor plans. The 3901 floor plan’s bathroom has been upgraded to feature dual rear vanities.

Venetian’s biggest change for 2021 is the addition of the F42 tag axle floor plan. The 42-foot model is big on living space with a large sofa and theater recliners. The bath and a half set-up allows for dual-zone living and privacy of the master bedroom en suite. The Dream Dinette’s new flip-up seat cushions provide more storage space. All layouts feature an overhead, designer ceiling treatment. The master bathroom in the R40 floor plan is more spacious with upgraded dual rear vanities.

2021 Tuscany 45MX | Portofino Decor, Regatta Cabinetry | Captain’s Chair

Tuscany’s 2021 enhancements revolve around convenience and comfort, including the new integrated headrest on the cockpit chairs. A new Firefly multiplex system with Lyra touchscreen allows for all-in-one control at the touch of a button. Unique to Tuscany is the GoldHeat electric heated porcelain tile flooring throughout the motorhome. Interior appointments include lighter leatherette colors to highlight the modern Regatta and Sanibel cabinet choices.

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