Roadtrippers Drops Price for “Plus,” Limits Free Accounts to 8 Waypoints

Roadtrippers Drops Price for “Plus,” Limits Free Accounts to 8 Waypoints


Update: Roadtrippers reached out and wanted to offer a discount to our readers. The discount code is 5RVMILES2019 and you have to enter it at this site: That’ll give you Plus for $9.99 for the first year and locked in at $14.99 after that.

They say they came up with 8 waypoints based on the fact that a lot of people make trips with 8 points or less, and that their trip guides will remain free. This summer, everyone (free or paid) will be getting in-app, turn-by-turn navigation and Plus users will get in-route discovery. When there’s something neat along your route that you might have missed you’ll get a notification. They’re also going to be arranging discounts on attractions for Plus members. 

Roadtrippers, the popular web-based trip planning software and app, has announced that it will now limit free accounts to just 8 waypoints (or stops) on a trip.

Previously, users could put in up to 60 stops per trip, but beginning March 18th, you’ll have to upgrade to Roadtrippers Plus to get up to 150 waypoints. The good news is the price point for Roadtrippers Plus is dropping from $29.99 to $14.99 annually.

Plus members also get offline maps, live traffic, and the ability to change colors on maps, and turn-by-turn directions will be added to the premium level soon.

Roadtrippers was purchased by RV manufacturer Thor Industries last year and folded into TH2, their partnership to leverage global digital services for travelers. Roadtrippers is now an integrated part of their ToGo app platform for RV travel and maintenance.

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