Quick Tips for Beating the Heat in an RV

Quick Tips for Beating the Heat in an RV

Whether you’re in a campground where you can use an air conditioner or you’re out boondocking, keeping your RV cool in the hot summer months is an important part of a comfortable RV experience, and we’ve got some quick tips to keep things chill.

Quick Tips for Beating the Heat in an RV:

  • Parking – Park in shade, and keep the fridge side away from sun, or most windows away from sun.
  • Use your awning to shade your RV, and consider using tarps to create more shade
  • Cover windows. Just close blinds and shades, or Reflectix*
  • Cover the shower skylight
  • Ventilation – if you’re not using AC, open a window at the opposite end of your RV from your roof fan. Kick that fan on high!
  • Keep your propane fridge vents clear, and make sure the fans are working.
  • Keep your roof clean. A dark roof holds heat.
  • Switch to LED lights
  • Cook outside
  • Clean your air conditioner.
  • Bring in your slides. Even part way. Less space for the AC to cool, less surface for the sun to hit.
  • Go to higher elevations. Even states like Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada have high elevation places that will drop the temperature 20 degrees.

And for even more suggestions on keeping your RV cool in the summer, check out Episode 48 of the RV Miles Podcast.

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