Flattest Route Finder

Looking to find the flattest route from one point to another? We’ve got you covered. Use our flattest route finder to get elevation changes anywhere in the world!

Our Flattest Route Finder uses high-quality maps and directions from Google.


This simple tool allows you to enter the start and end points of your journey, and will then plot the route using Google Maps’ sophisticated directions engine. You’ll then be able to see two charts, one showing the elevation along your route, and the other showing the percentages of grades. You can drag the most difficult areas of your route around to refine it. You can even zoom in on your route and see it in satellite view, or drop into Googles street view and see the route as if you were right there!

Find elevation changes and grade percentages at www.flattestroute.net

Graph the elevation changes and grade percentages at flattestroute.net.


This elegantly simple, yet powerful tool has been used for years by RV travelers, truckers, and even cyclists to find the least challenging route to a destination. It was formerly available at flattestroute.com, before the creator, programmer Zivi Weinstock, shut it down due to Google’s increased pricing for integration with their maps service. She graciously made the code available, and we’ve re-launched the service at flattestroute.net. So, next time you need to plot the flattest route to a destination, go to flattestroute.net, or just click below to get started!

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