Episode 153 | Full-Time RV Loans, Insurance, and Warranties

On this episode we break down the challenges full-timers face procuring loans, insurance, and warranty work. Plus, and absolutely disastrous black tank incident, a helicopter motorhome, and more. 

Listen below:

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This week we tackle the headache inducing side of full-time RV life – loans, insurance and warranties.

But first –

This isn’t the dump station you are looking for: https://rvbusiness.com/rver-accidentally-dumps-sewage-into-gas-station-fuel-tank/

Then Jason discusses why you don’t want to use dielectric grease on a campground post and looking for a certain RV model and only finding it at Camping World? We discuss the “Camping World Exclusive” and what that means for you and your favorite RV.

After a break, we discuss some of the finer points when it comes to securing a loan, insurance companies that work with full-timers, and when it comes to an RV warranty – well, lets just say not all RV brands are created equal. Read that fine print.

And finally, we wrap the show up with our fresh tank/black tank segment. Both Jason and Abby have their own black tank version of Zapata Falls near Great Sand Dunes National Park – possibly the worst road you will EVER drive on.

Abby’s fresh tank this week throws it back to the 90’s game show Supermarket Sweep, now on Netflix, and Jason thinks Winnebago needs to bring back the Heli-Home: https://www.thedrive.com/news/34753/the-winnebago-heli-home-was-a-real-flying-rv-that-needs-to-make-a-comeback-in-2020

That’s it for this week! Keep loggin’ those RV Miles and we’ll see you on the road!

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