Episode 152 | Mesa Verde National Park & 14-Day Quarantines

This week, our guide to visiting the green cliffs of Mesa Verde National Park, a place that is so much more than cliff dwellings. Plus, you may have heard about 14-day quarantines, what do they actually mean?

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This week we take a look at what the 14-day quarantine means after a recent comment by a New Mexico state official. For more information check out the article Jason wrote:

After the break, we talk about our time in Mesa Verde National Park, a park that has quickly become one of our favorites. So, what was it like to explore our first National Park during COVID-19?

But what about RVing? Is it an RV friendly park? Absolutely!

After another break, we talk about our fresh tank/black tank picks.

Abby’s fresh is about everyone’s fresh tank on the planet right now – HAMILTON. Stream it now on Disney+

Jason’s black is one that has up perplexed – GoRVing’s newest add campaign is aimed at a generation of camper we think need a bit more respect and be taken a bit more seriously – also who says “GORV”?!

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