Are You Prepared to Change Your Trailer Tires?

Are You Prepared to Change Your Trailer Tires? You might think, “I have a spare, I have a jack, what else do I need?” You need a way to take the lug nuts off, my friend. Chances are your trailer did not come with a lug wrench, and it’s likely they aren’t the same size as your tow vehicle.

An essential for any travel trailer owner is a 4-way lug wrench. It will work on all of your tires, and you can help someone else with a flat you might come across. We like the LugStrong 26” Universal 4 Way Lug Wrench for many reasons. Unlike your normal cross-shaped 4-way, the LugStrong comes apart and folds down small into a nice carrying bag. The design allows for extra torque, and it even adapts to fit any 1/2″ drive socket.

Pick it up on Amazon.

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