5 Easy Cast Iron Campfire Pizzas

If you listen to the RV Miles Podcast, you know we love pizza. We love finding new pizza places as we travel, finding new ways to make pizza at home, and we definitely love making pizza’s in a cast iron skillet over the campfire or in the oven. Here are five of our favorites.

Deep Dish Breakfast Pizza

Let’s start at the beginning, let’s start with breakfast. Using crescent rolls, this dutch oven pizza from 50 Campfires is the perfect start to a lazy morning around the campsite.

Bacon and Date Campfire Pizza

I am a big fan of the Fresh Off the Grid and have featured their recipes in our one pot meals and our cast iron skillet articles, so it’s no surprise they show up here. This bacon and date pizza is such a perfect pairing, and the addition of arugula is so good. You have the option of giving yourself a little extra task of easily making the dough or just using pre-bought. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Hamburger Campfire Pizza

A hamburger and pizza together? Sure, why not! This recipe from Adventures of Mel is a fun way to bring two camp food staples together in one easy recipe.

Pull Apart Pizza Rolls

This recipe from, Cooking on the Front Burner is by far the most “time consuming” of the pizza recipes, but it’s more about time needed to rise and not time needed to cook, so while the rolls are rising, you are kicking back in the hammock and reading a good book. Now, if you want to go RV oven on this one go for it, otherwise, cover it with foil and keep it off direct heat until cooked through (about 20 mins or so).

DIY Pizza Dough for Campfire

This recipe from Adventures of Mel is a great pizza dough recipe for a campfire, and if you have a group that wants a variety of pizzas, this dough will let you do that. Your family can make their own dough, all you have to do is set out all the toppings, grab a beer and let everyone have at it. Easy and fun.

What do you like on your pizza? Let me know your favorite toppings, or if you try out one of the above, come back and let me know what you thought. Happy camp cooking!

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